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Inno-Tech is a solar company that prides itself in having a highly skilled team and functional solar solutions that meet all our customers’ needs and requirements. Our aim is to be the best solar installation team, providing a neat, tidy, and functional solar system.

Inno Tech Solar


We offer two ranges of hybrid inverter systems for houses and smaller offices. The first is the top of the range European equipment which includes Victron & SMA branding. The second is a good quality Chinese option which includes the Mecer branding and equipment.


For all larger three phase systems we only offer the top of the range equipment mainly using Victron, SMA, Fronius, Blue-Nova etc. We offer solutions ranging from 15kVA upto 500kVA systems.

Solar Pumping

We offer an off grid option for boreholes, using VSD’s connected to a solar array directly feeding pumps. The size of these systems will range from 0.5hp100hp.


We also offer Photovoltaic water heating systems. These are an ideal solution for houses with existing electrical geysers that need to be converted to using solar for heating rather than electricity. These systems are not conventional solar geysers, they operate using a string of three solar panels connected to a DC element which is placed in your existing electrical geyser.

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