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Inno-tech is a contracting company that prides itself on having a skilled and dedicate team, led by qualified engineers. We offer a large range functional electrical and solar solutions that meet all our customers’ needs and requirements. Our company’s aim is to provide the best solution possible, while maintaining a high standard of workmanship and continued support post installation.

Inno Tech Solar


We mainly offer two ranges of solar inverter systems for houses and small to medium businesses. The first is the top of the range European equipment; Victron, Fronius & SMA.  These systems come with a 5yr warranty and 10-to-20 + year lifespan. The second is the mid-range equipment; Phocos, Synapse, Mecer, etc.  These systems come with a 1-to-2-year warranty depending on brand and model. They are decent quality, very popular and very good value for money. As for batteries, we focus on lithium as the benefits compared to lead are substantial.  Our preferred brands of lithium batteries are Pylontech, Revov and BYD.  These batteries com with a 7-to-10-year warranty depending on brand and model.


For all larger three-phase systems we only offer the top of the range equipment to ensure excellent performance and reliability. We mainly use Victron, SMA, Fronius etc. We offer solutions ranging up to several megawatts. We also offer financed solutions for systems larger than 100kVA.

Farming & Irrigation

We offer solutions to farmers mainly in the form of solar pumping systems. These systems use Delta VFDs that have both solar input and ZESA input. These systems will save on your utility cost as well as pump when utility is unavailable, and the sun is shining. These systems come with automatic pressure control. Our main solutions range from 3hp to 200hp motors.

PV Diesel Fuel Save

We offer a Diesel Fuel Save solution which will allow the integration of solar panels into a diesel genset system containing one or more diesel gensets. The whole system will be managed by a central controller that will ensure that the gensets are not run below their minimum load requirement, to prevent glazing. This will prolong the life of the gensets, reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs. When grid is available, the system will reduce your electricity bill and can even be used to feed excess solar production back to the grid, through Net Metering, resulting in further savings.

Water Heating

We offer water heating solutions for households, including pools, as well as industry. Our solution ranges from solar thermal heating to heat pump solutions. All systems are custom designed to meet the clients’ requirements.

Electrical Solutions

We offer a wide range of electrical work mainly focusing on the farming, industry, and technical electrical work such and VFD and PLC work. We are one of the few companies in Zimbabwe with the technical know-how to handle automated electrical solutions.

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