SMA sma_logo

A German inverter that gives a 10 year warranty on its products. It offers the best solution for properties or businesses with high daytime loads as they use PV inverters that provide a very efficient conversion from DC to AC.

SMA is also a very popular solution for grid tie solar systems. They are used for solar farming all around the world and are a major competitor to Fronius.

This is a very popular option for the large 3 phase systems.

VICTRON sma_logo

Designed in the Netherlands and manufactured in India. It offers a 5 year warranty on it product. It offers a very good solution for most household applications as it is good quality and works well with larger battery storage systems.

Victron can be coupled with Fronius grid tie inverters for higher day time load applications.

FRONIUS sma_logo

An Austrian PV inverter used for solar farming and can be coupled with Victron for efficient solar to AC load conversion (same as SMA).


MECER sma_logo

A decent quality, good value for money solar solution with positive reviews across the board. These inverters have built in charge controllers, are fairly simple to install, and work beautifully for most house hold applications.

Inverter system repairs and/or replacements

We offer a free site consultation for any inverter systems in use that are not running smoothly, and after investigating the site of the install, are happy to send through quotes for complete re-installations by our team to get the system to run more efficiently.